Lubricant and Grease
One of the major and demanding items constantly required by industries is the group of lubricant and grease.
MESPCO is competently able and anxious to respond to daily needs of demanding customers willfully.
Our broad range of product comprises special types of, colloidal dispersion, and oils.
Having European origin, our products of Lubricant and Grease contain solid substances such as molybdenum, disulphide, graphite, PTFE, metallic oxide and non-ferrous metals.
Prime users of our product for Lubricant and grease are oilfields, offshore facilities and marines, railing industry, automotive, power generations and electronics.

Our Range of Lubricant and Grease Products as follow:

• Anti-seize compounds and assembly pastes
• Chain lubricants
• Dispersions
• Dry lubricants
• Greases
• Oils
• Open gear compounds
• Wire rope dressings
• Valve lubricants
• Workshop and miscellaneous
• Lubricants tailor made to order