Industrial Chemical

MESPCO provide a wide range of chemicals including special chemicals listed in the following categories:
Oil and Gas

• Corrosion inhibitors.
• Flow Improvers.
• Viscosity reducers.
• Friction reducers.
• Paraffin and Asphaltene Dispersants.
• Incrustation inhibitor
• Biocides for oil treatment.
• Surfactants / Humectants.
• Demulsifiers based hydrocarbon.
• Demulsifiers based water.
• Inverse demulsifiers. (oil-water treatment)
• Liquid sequestrants hydrochloric acid.
• Foaming agents.
• Foam sticks.
• Defoamers water and oil based.
• Defoamers with low silica content and free of fluoride.
• Corrosion inhibitors for acid medium.
• Antiflouling for process.
• CO2 sequestrants.
• Iron Sequestrant.
• Oxygen Sequestrant.
• Colorants for hydrostatic tests.
• Aromatic solvents.
• Glycols and alcohols.
• Nonyl phenol.
• Automated Injection Systems.
• Salt dispersants.
• Desalination.
• Chemical anti-foulants.
• Combustion additives.
• Antioxidant for gasoline.
• Polymerization inhibitors. (polyethylene process)
• Removers of grease, oxides, sulfides, etc.
• Cationic, anionic and non-ionic polymers in powder, emulsion and liquids.
Drilling and completion of Wells

• Clay Stabilizers (Substitute of KC1).
• Xanhtan gum, Liquid and Powder.
• Guar gum in suspension and powder.
• Deflocculants
• Dispersant (filtration aid)
• Additives for cementing wells
• Inverse demulsifiers. (water-oil treatment)
• Primary and secondary emulsifiers
• Acrylamide copolymer base sticks for drilling.
• Friction reducers.
• Liquid foaming agents
• Corrosion inhibitors
• Shale inhibitors for drilling on land and in deep water
• Hydrate inhibitors for drilling on land and in deep water
• Hydroxyethyl Cellulose in suspension and powder
• Sodium silicate in suspension
• Potassium chloride
• Calcium chloride
• Liquid seals

• Powder Suppressing Agents for Process and Roads.
• Pallet Stabilizers for paper and plastic.
• Help Grinding.

Hydro treating
Sulfur recovery


Molecular Sieve
Activated Aluminums
Alumina Silica Gel
Metal oxide
Hydrogen Chloride
Activated Carbon


Anti Oxidant
Calcium Hydroxide
Calcium Serrate
Di Methyl Di Sulfide
Hydrochloric acid
Sodium nitrite

Specialty  Chemicals